Get the benefits of a full-time CSO for a fraction of the price.

A virtual cybersecurity officer (vCSO) can help your organization manage its growing cybersecurity threat profile. If your organization’s cybersecurity requirements seem bigger than its budget, this can be a cost-effective way to get the coverage you need.

A vCSO acts at the board level and manages your organization’s cybersecurity regime. They’ll review and guide your overall strategy, set budgets, review current and new regulation and compliance requirements changes, and review potential risks.

Gartner predicts that 70% of organizations will have a CSO by the end of 2025. This position is in high demand, with a median salary of $476,091 (Security Magazine 2022). We can provide you with those capabilities through a vCSO for a fraction of the price!

What Does a vCSO Do?

A vCSO takes an active role in overseeing day-to-day cybersecurity and crafting long-term strategies to meet new threats. Here’s what that looks like in practice:

  • Risk Analysis: Identify outstanding risks to the organization and prioritize which tasks to address them.
  • Threat Intelligence: Identify and explain potential cybersecurity threats and the context in which they emerge.
  • Security Oversight and Accountability: Provides oversight to an organization’s cybersecurity efforts and keeps management updated on progress.
  • Secure Implementation: Ensures that new technologies and processes are securely implemented across the organization.
  • Board-level Reporting: Provide regular updates on security risks and progress toward addressing them to the board.

Why You Need a vCSO

It’s tempting to save on cybersecurity costs if your organization hasn’t suffered from a successful attack. However, the costs of a “wait and see” approach can be devastating in the event of a successful attack, leading to significant damages, hefty fines, and even layoffs or liquidation.

A recent ransomware hit a major healthcare services provider, forcing them to divert ambulances and reschedule some of their patients’ elective surgeries. At the time of the attack, the company did not have a dedicated CSO.

Let a Skilled Cyber vCSO Secure Your Organization

Even if cybersecurity duties are being conducted across your organization, they may be part of another executive position’s portfolio. A CSO will be able to coordinate them better and ensure that any vulnerabilities in your organization are quickly addressed.

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