Get a full review of online threats facing your organization.

A cybersecurity risk assessment can help you stay ahead of the latest online threats. Hackers are always looking for new ways to steal from your organization. That means they’re always thinking of new ways to crack your defenses.

In addition, technology is constantly changing. That means there’s always the potential for you to introduce new vulnerabilities into your business. Hackers may also discover unknown vulnerabilities in established technologies. Zero-day bugs have recently been identified across companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco.

This makes it essential to stay on top of the latest risks facing your organization through a risk assessment. Find out how it can help your business and the best way to conduct one.

Common Reasons You Need a Risk Assessment:

Here are some of the most common reasons why Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities might need a cybersecurity risk assessment:

  • Your facility could go out of business in the event of a successful attack.
  • You could lose your job if you were shown to be negligent in security.
  • Your facility could lose a lot of money.
  • You and your facility could lose your reputation.
  • Your team could lose data and spend months rebuilding it.
  • You could go to jail for negligence in protecting your employee’s and Resident’s data.

Your organization needs risk assessments to avoid these worst-case scenarios. However, there are several types of risk assessments to choose from, each of which is designed to detect a specific profile of threats.

Choosing the Right Risk Assessments

Here are some of the most common types of risk assessments you’ll get to choose from for your organization.

  • Basic risk assessment: These are typically free and take less than half an hour to complete. A cybersecurity expert will review about a dozen areas of potential vulnerability and recommend the next steps.
  • Full risk assessment: Lasting about three hours, these detail specific strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s cybersecurity regime. This mandatory annual assessment meets HIPAA requirements and most insurance policies today.
  • Insurance Risk Assessment: Based on nearly 200 different insurance policy questionnaires across the United States, this test takes about an hour to complete and may save 15% -20 % on your insurance.
  • Vendor Risk Assessment: HIPAA requires that each covered entity perform due diligence, which includes an annual vendor risk assessment. Vendors are a favorite target for hackers and are often less secure than long-term care facilities.

Protect Your Business from Attack with a Risk Assessment

Businesses face countless risks online. Statistically speaking, one in five members of your organization will click a phishing link. Cloudflare reports that phishing emails are the source of over 90% of successful cyberattacks. That makes it vital to conduct regular risk assessments and ensure everyone in your organization knows the best practices for cybersecurity.

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