Find out if your business can withstand a cyberattack.

Penetration testing is necessary if your organization stays ahead of potential active threats. Imagine if your organization faces a successful cyberattack; what will you tell those affected? And what will it mean if all your security testing was done by checklist?

With penetration testing, you can look deeper at your cybersecurity regime and better identify weaknesses and potential attack vectors. Regular penetration testing can mean the difference between writing some awkward emails and breathing a sigh of relief.

What is a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing is one of the foundational cybersecurity assessments. During a “pen test,” the evaluators will think like hackers and try to break through your organization’s cyber defenses creatively. Rather than going through a checklist as they would with vulnerability testing, they’ll test your fences in ways you might not see coming.

A penetration test can keep your cybersecurity defense posture active and alert to potential threats. A regular pen test is also often required to maintain compliance with regulators and insurance policies. Find out what to expect from one and how regular pen testing isn’t just good for security but can improve your organization.

Common Reasons for Penetration Testing

Here are some of the most common reasons why your organization will need to conduct a penetration test:

  • Compliance pressures from HIPAA, PCI, or FTC Safeguards that require regular penetration testing.
  • Cyber liability insurance providers mandate a third-party security assessment or penetration test of your network.
  • You want to make sure your network security is under control.

The surest way to get the most out of this stress testing is to use a third-party assessment. Our 3rd party team will try to break through your cyber defenses using a variety of tactics.

Why Use a Third Party for Assessments?

Hackers are looking for ways to break into your business through cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Any oversight, design flaw, or improper setup allows them to strike. And while you may think you’ve thought of everything regarding cybersecurity, there’s probably something you missed.

A third-party assessment brings in another set of eyes to examine your organization’s cybersecurity for vulnerabilities. As ethical hackers, they know how malicious hackers think and will try to break into your business in ways you might not imagine. A third-party test can expose vulnerabilities in your existing cybersecurity regime that you wouldn’t find by checking yourself.

What to Expect During a Third-Party Assessment

First, Skilled Cyber does not develop this penetration test.  We simply read back the results as they are discovered and present solutions to the findings.  The third party has no vested interest in what they find and we have no vested interest in what to look for.

During a third-party assessment, you can expect to conduct the following tests (and find vulnerabilities in your cyber defenses). The 3rd party team will conduct a series of automated scans to search for known vulnerabilities and try to defeat your defenses manually. The effectiveness of this portion of the test is highly dependent on the tester’s expertise.

Our 3rd party organization has conducted over 150,000 penetration tests across a variety of industries, including large-scale medical organizations and defense contractors.

We can also set up recurring testing for your organization. Regular testing is critical to detecting new vulnerabilities, but it can be time-consuming to set up and conduct on your own. An outside partner specializing in penetration testing and the experienced leadership team at Skilled Cyber can place their expertise at your disposal, allowing you to focus on your organization’s strengths.

Get Penetration Testing Tailor-Made for Long-Term Care Facilities

Skilled Cyber focuses on serving nursing homes and long-term care facilities. We’re deeply knowledgeable about these facilities’ unique threats and how hackers think when they attack them. Schedule a call to discuss your penetration testing needs, and we can work on securing your facility from cyber threats.


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