Our Values

Initiative: Initiative means that we take action without direction from above to improve our knowledge as technology consultants to prepare ourselves and the business for its mission and come up with solutions to problems. With each member taking initiative, the leverage is immense. Initiative places an obligation on managers not to stifle initiative in subordinates.

Innovation: Innovation means looking at new ways of doing the same old thing. It also means knowing which areas are appropriate for innovation and having the courage to change and tolerating failures.

Intimate Technical Knowledge: Information technology is extremely complex. Intimate technical knowledge means that each of us is responsible for learning our area of responsibility. We make decisions and take action based on technical reasons, not hope. We understand the details of our systems and the interrelationship of those systems. We diligently study.

Courage: Courage means we choose to do the right thing, even if it may be uncomfortable. It means not just doing or saying what subordinates, peers or superiors want to see or hear. It means admitting mistakes, even if ugly.

Commitment: Commitment means we are present when we come to work. We give our best. We choose to be here.

Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement is how we get better. We continue to seek ways to learn from processes and improve them and ourselves. Each member has an obligation to develop and institute mechanisms to achieve continuous improvement.

Integrity: Integrity means we tell the truth to each other and to ourselves. It means we have a grounded base of reality and see things as they are, not as we want them to be. Integrity means we participate fully in meetings, allowing improvements to be based on facts.

Empowerment: We encourage those around us to take action and support them if they make mistakes. We employ stewardship delegation, explaining what we want to accomplished and allow flexibility in how it gets accomplished.

Teamwork: We exercise participative openness: freedom to speak one’s mind. Additionally, we exercise reflective openness, which leads to looking inward. We challenge our own thinking. We avoid the trap of listening to refute.

Timeliness: Timeliness means we do things on time: start work on time, test our knowledge on time, and are ready to start a task on time. Timeliness also recognizes that accomplishing most things faster is better and that working to reduce inherent delays and time lags results in a more effective organization and solution.