Continuously update your regulatory compliance with our Complete Compliance Management Program

Compliance is a moving target, but industry standards constantly change to meet new cyber threats. If you risk falling behind on staying compliant, you open yourself up to dangers that could rock your organization.

The last thing you want to do is wait until you get hacked to check your compliance status. If you’ve fallen out of compliance, you’ll have a new set of problems.

Through our compliance-as-a-service program, you can outsource your compliance needs to a team of experts who know how to navigate this complex field. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your organization and information are protected against emergent threats and shielded from liability if disaster strikes.

4 Pillars of our Compliance as a Service Program

Our compliance program consists of four pillars designed to ensure your organization meets and exceeds all requirements to protect patient information.

1.   Risk, discovery, and analysis

We gather the information necessary to implement and maintain your compliance program. During our risk, discovery, and analysis phase, we:

  • Devise a roadmap for bringing you into compliance.
  • Create a “single source of truth” for all compliance process stakeholders.
  • “De-risk” your business through early engagement of team stakeholders.

2.   Comprehensive Fulfillment of Regulatory Requirements

We lead the implementation of policies, procedures, controls, training, and other measures necessary to bring you into documentable compliance. Through a comprehensive fulfillment of regulatory requirements, we:

  • Help you qualify for better cyber insurance coverage at more favorable rates.
  • Curtail fines, Code of Conduct penalties, and other noncompliance penalties.
  • Improve employee onboarding and ongoing job performance.

3.   Ongoing Program Vigilance

We continually monitor and manage your compliance program for cyber insurability, HIPAA, PCI, and FTC compliance to help you respond to change appropriately and promptly. Through our ongoing program vigilance, we:

  • Support the successful filing of cyber insurance claims.
  • Enable the successful renewals of cyber insurance policies.
  • Safeguard your compliance posture over time in the face of continuous change.

4.   Documentation and audit-readiness

Staying compliant also means keeping thorough documentation of company actions and policies. Through our documentation and audit readiness, we:

  • Fulfill core documentation requirements for obtaining cyber insurance.
  • Fulfill core documentation requirements for filing cyber insurance claims.
  • Provide proof of due diligence and best efforts to local, state and federal auditors.

Protect Your Organization from Emerging Threats with Our Compliance as a Service Program

Healthcare facilities are top targets for cybercriminals. According to Planet Compliance, attacks on them grew by 75% from 2022 to 2023. A single successful attack due to a lack of compliance by your organization could significantly disrupt your operations and lead to millions in damages.

Our compliance-as-a-service program ensures your organization meets the latest PCI, HIPAA, and FTC standards. You’ll get to focus on what you do best while we keep your organization safe. Check out our free report to learn how we can protect your organization by keeping it compliant!


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