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Proven Risk and Compliance Services For Long Term Care and HIPAA, FTC and PCI Regulated Entities

We Take The Guesswork Out Of Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance for Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

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5 Big Reasons to Choose Skilled Cyberto Support Your Computer Network


Independently Audited Systems. Skilled Cyber is not your average managed technology provider. We pride ourselves on being secure so that we can ensure you are secure. We back up that pride by subjecting our systems and process to recurring independent security testing and evaluation by multiple providers. Our technicians receive weekly industry insider training on the very latest emerging threats and malicious techniques to protect ourselves and our customers. We offer the same in-depth assessments through our 3rd party evaluator. We facilitate the scan and assist you with resolving any issues discovered.


Regulatory Compliance. Skilled Cyber is HIPAA compliant. This means our business process, system hardening, and employees undergo regular evaluation, training, and assessment. Our compliance is meaningful even if your business does not need to be HIPAA compliant. Our employees are trained to handle your business information with the same privacy as your doctor handles your healthcare information. As a result of our experience, we offer Compliance-as-a-Service for HIPAA, PCI, and others. This is an affordable month-to-month service that will get you compliant and keep you compliant. It even provides you direct assistance if you have the unfortunate luck of being audited for compliance.


Advanced Security Services. When Skilled Cyber decided to become HIPAA compliant and then subject our systems to independent security audits, we had to up our game. We had to install and use the highest level of protection we could find. As a result of our own experience, we found what really worked and what didn’t. Today we offer a wide range of advanced and integrated services to protect your business with a comprehensive solution.


Cloud Experience. In 2013 Skilled Cyber became Connecticut’s first Amazon Web Services cloud partner. This was years before Microsoft launched Office 365 and Azure. Since then, Skilled Cyber has been installing and maintaining systems at AWS for small businesses across Connecticut. We have over 20 years experience with skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. We can help you learn about, transition, and run your systems at the world’s largest cloud provider.


Cyber Insurance. Skilled Cyber carries Cyber Insurance, and every business today should carry their own Cyber Insurance because of the risk of attack is so high these days. We offer two services around Cyber Insurance. First, because of our industry experience we have over 100 audit review elements to evaluate your insurability. In 2022 we have found that renewals for coverage have seen an average increase of 50% and up to 150% for those who don’t have all the security settings required by the carrier. Second, we can refer our clients to our carrier where they receive special discounts due to the security settings and processes we put in place.

The average fine for a HIPAA violation is $1.5 million.    |    1 in 5 employees will click a phishing link.    |    Hacking is a $1 Trillion Industry.    |    66% of small to medium sized businesses have been hacked in the last 12 months.    |    If you have a ransomware attack there's only a 80% chance you will get your data back.    |   

Accelerate Your Security and Compliance

Fractional Chief Security Officer – vCSO

For larger organizations or those that have high risk exposure that are concerned about who is watching the hen house, our vCSO program may be for you. The vCSO is a board-level individual, dedicated to your security posture. Not just cybersecurity but holistic view of risk. Our highly detailed program identifies and communicates your risk profile and assists others with remediation efforts.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is intended to protect your staff and your residents’ information. Compliance is protecting your business reputation, assets and employees. What if compliance and security were the same? Our system of- controls, policies, and procedures uniquely secure your business and your data without busting your budget.

Penetration Test

A Penetration Test is an authorized simulated cyber-attack on your facility to assess it’s vulnerabilities. It involves a thorough investigation of your system, covering aspects like cloud services such as Office 365 and your firewall. This controlled test aims to uncover potential weak points and vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit if they gained unauthorized access. Regular testing, typically done quarterly or after major system changes, helps track progress, validate security measures, and ensure ongoing proper configuration.

Tabletop Exercises

One of the largest and most overlooked tools in any security program is a practical test of how your team would respond to an emergency situation. Tabletop exercises bring together technical teams, executives and selected outside professionals to walk through what the team would do in the event of a specified disaster. The deliverable is an updated and tested process your team can easily follow.

Risk Assessments

Every facility executive is responsible for minimizing risk. A risk assessment is an outsider’s view of those risks. Our half-day process engages your team in a discussion of specific risks and mitigating factors. During our assessment debriefing you receive a prioritized list of risks and action items to build budgets with confidence and target identified security gaps. Spend your budgets wisely with planning and confidence.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Today’s fast-moving world of hacking and cybersecurity demand a continual realignment of tools and techniques. We provide clients access to many of our “channel-only” security tools to fill gaps often present in a corporate security program. Gaps that are often identified through our penetration testing and security assessment programs.

About Skilled Cyber

Connecticut’s #1 Choice for HIPAA Compliance

Skilled Cyber specializes in providing fully managed IT solutions for healthcare facilities in Connecticut. Our goal is to improve the performance of our clients’ IT infrastructure while ensuring they’re fully compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Due to our expertise, we have been trusted by the State of Connecticut to assume responsibility for over 80% of troubled long-term healthcare facilities. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with experts dedicated to solving your problems providing the best possible solution to meet your needs.


5 Major Financial Risks CFOs Don’t Hear About from IT